TRAVEL – Vietnam introduction

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a small and beautiful country with victorious history, profound patriotism and wonderful landscapes. Exploring the beauty of the country with its people and culture should be done once in one’s lifetime.

Location: Southeast Asia

Hãy giao việc khó cho những người Lười - Vì họ luôn tìm cách ngắn nhất để làm việc đó
Vlog tổng hợp kỹ năng hữu ích nhất

Population: about 90 million

Language: Vietnamese

Religion: Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism, Roman Catholicism; Cao Daism

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, widely known as Vietnam, is not a strange name to the whole world. The country becomes a nation going places. Although this country is ravaged by a series of wars which causes serious damages, Vietnam in the eyes of the world is nice and peaceful. Vietnam is located in the eastern Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, with Hanoi as its capital. With an area of ​​331,690 sq. kilometers, to the north of Vietnam is China, to the west is Laos and Cambodia, to the east is Gulf of Tonkin and East Sea, and to the south is Thailand Gulf. The land is a center of trading, cultural interaction, and even conflicts for centuries. It proves that Vietnam has an advantageous position in the region with long coastline and numerous attractions. Having a tropical climate, Vietnam is well known for from magnificent scenery and colorful hill tribes to wide terraced fields in Red River Delta and Mekong River Delta, to majestic mountains, and white sandy beaches. Vietnam, nowadays, is one of should-not-miss destinations in Asia.

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